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Axolotl vom Höllbräu - AVAILABLE

Axolotl vom Höllbräu >More pictures of Axolotl

Owner: -
Sire: Kamanchi Luc T. (Mestre) Mex (Mexiko)
Dam: Atitlan Andorra de Xoconochco (Tschechische Republik)
Born on: 20.08.2010
Studbook No: ÖHZB XOL i. E.
Colour: grey

About Axolotl

As the other puppies he was born at my co-breeders place in Vienna, but meanwhile he lives here with me, his father and the other dogs.

He is a very friendly, nice male. He has a great temper, loves to play with the TRD females and likes all people.

By now he was on one show with great result:

Scisor bite, correct head, elegant neck, good chest, long enough back, very good musceled legs, presenting very well

very promising, Best Puppy

He is for sale for a good price to a loving home! For more information pls >contact me!