Amon Sul  
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Bhanubanduh Thai von Amon Sul - FOR SALE

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Owner: Anna Jank, Vienna, Austria
Sire: Ch. Gallop Thai Bellijess (Czech Republic)
Dam: Ch. Caroline Thai Bellijess (Czech Republic)
Born on : 20.07.2010
Studbook No: ÖHZB TRD 41 / R
Time of birth : 20:50 o'clock
Weight at birth : 430g
Colour: blue

About Bhanubanduh

Name: Bhanubanduh is the name of a Thai prince.

“Thao” is an extraordinary friendly TRD male. But also very active and wants to run and play all the time. At the moment he lives together with a TRD female from my A-litter in Vienna, Austria.

Sadly his owners personal situation has changed dramatic and she sees no possibility to fullfill both dogs needs anymore.

So she decided to search for a new home for Thao where he can be in the center of interest.

He is a TRD as you normally only can dream of: always happy, wants to learn, likes all people and nearly all dogs.

At home he behaves well, he can stay alone at home and goes by car without any problems. He has a good education and can run off-leash. Of course he do have the typical hunting instinct, but it can be handled quite well.

He is well socialized and never is insecure.

As he is still young and very active going on leash still needs training and he also loves people so much, that he always jumps on them. But these things are trainable. Specially because he loves treats and learns easily.

He has no known health issues and he is good eater.

He is a very typical, big male with super coat, wonderful head and excellent chest.

His parents are Multi-Ch. And belonging to the most successful TRDs in Europe. All his brothers and sisters are correct, DS free and shown successfully around Europe.

Because of his excellent Exterior and his great temper he would also be very good for show and breeding!

We are searching for a loving and active home, where he can run and play as he loves to do. An other female dog, which is as playful as he is, would be great. Maybe also a nice male or a little pack would be okay too.

For more information pls contact me!