Amon Sul  
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Banshi Qilin Thai von Amon Sul - SOLD


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Owner: Bianca Hrobar und Christian Wrba, Strasshof, Austria
Sire: Ch. Gallop Thai Bellijess (Czech Republic)
Dam: Ch. Caroline Thai Bellijess (Czech Republic)
Born on: 20.07.2010
Studbook No: ÖHZB TRD 39 / R
Time of birth : 18:16 o'clock
Weight at birth: 362g
Colour: blue

1 show: 1x vp

About Banshi Qilin

Name: Banshi is a Balinese name. The >Qilin is the Chinese unicorn, which is blue, with a Ridge on it's back... very fitting :) Furthermore it is a symbol of peace... a name which only can be a good sign for a TRD male ;)

Banshi stayed in Austria with Bianca and Christian, who were waiting for one of Sunee's puppies for a very long time. They visited us several times for seeing the baby belly and than cuddling the puppies (not to forget they are great in making fun with Sookie ;-). So they are very well prepared for the adventure of rising a TRD male and I sure Banshi has found a great new home there.

We also will go to shows with him and if everything goes all right he shall be a stud once.