Amon Sul  
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Bahadur "Tintin" Thai von Amon Sul - SOLD

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Owner: Christel Olesen, Hillerød, Danmark
Sire: Ch. Gallop Thai Bellijess (Czech Republic)
Dam: Ch. Caroline Thai Bellijess (Czech Republic)
Born on : 20.07.2010
Studbook No: ÖHZB TRD 42 / R
Time of birth : 21:50 o'clock
Weight at birth: 443g
Colour: blue

About Tintin

Name: Bahadur is a Persian Name, which means “brave”. The name Tintin was chosen by his new owner as a call name.

Tintin is living in Denmark now, with his new owner Christel and Thai Ridgeback female Nitnoy. Christel brought one of the very first TRDs from Thailand to Europe about 30 years ago. I'm very happy that Tintin has such an experienced and loving home now!