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Multi-Ch. Caroline Thai Bellijess "Sunee"

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Import Czech Republic

Sire: Ch. Filou Maneenoppalak (Thailand)
Dam: Ch. Kamba Anatulinda's Thai-Basilica (Norway)
Born on : 22.11.2004
Studbook No: ÖHZB THR 25 / Reg.
Breeder: Kamila Zlamalova
Litter: 4/5
Height: about 54 cm
Weight: about 20 kg
Colour: Black
Ridge: Arrow

  • CHAMPION of Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • CHAMPION of Austria
  • CHAMPION of Romania
  • CHAMPION of Croatia
  • CHAMPION of Slovenia i.e.
  • Slovenian Junior Champion
  • Austrian Junior Champion
  • Croatian Junior Champion
  • Res. Best of Group (CAC Vrtojba '05)
  • 4th place Best of Group (IHA Salzburg '06)
  • 5th place Best of Group (IHA Oberwart '06)
  • 3rd place Best of Group (CAC Split '07)
  • 3rd place Best Puppy of Day (IHA Oberwart '05)
  • Best Puppy of Breed Euro Dog '05
  • Austrian Junior Winner (Bundesjugendsiegerin) '05
  • Slovenian Club Junior Winner '05
  • Winter Winner '05 & '06
  • Austrian Double Champ '06
  • Austrian Winner (Bundessieger) '06
  • Slovenian Club Winner '06
  • Austrian Show Winner 2006: 1st place FCI group V
  • Transilvanian Winner '07
  • 38 shows: 4x vp, 1x PBOD3, 31x exc., 9x Junior Winner, 21x CAC, 13x CACIB, 1x Res.CACIB, 27x BOB, 1x BOG5, 1x BOG4, 1x BOG3, 1x Res.BOG
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Health Work
  • DS free
  • HD free
  • complete scissor bite
  • free from eye diseases (23.01.07)
  • BgH A (Good Citizen Dog-Test)
  • Young Dog course
  • Agility course
  • at the moment private training (Obediance, Tracking)

  • A-litter: with Ch. Alter Magic z Bananove rebubliky; born on 23.03.2007
  • B-litter: with JWW Ch. Gallop Thai Bellijess; born on 20.07.2010

Ch. Filou Maneenoppalak - - -
- -
- - -
- -
Ch. Kamba Anatulinda's Thai-Basilica Ch. The Tembisa Saket Ch. Hinza Tom
Taptim Siam Aodao Nophagau
Ch. Kamba Anatulinda's Thai-Ami Ch. Pho Daeng Diau
Nung Ning
Ch. Mod Dam Din
Thong Dam

About Sunee

Getting a Thai Ridgeback was not planed ;-) I was searching for a Xoloitzcuintle and while doing so on the Internet I found Sunee’s litter per chance. I do liked the breed, but I’ve never seen a black one before – I felt in love at the first sight. So 4 weeks later Caroline Thai Bellijess joined our family. As I thought she should have a Thai name, I named her “Sunee” which means “good thing”.

Sunee is not easy to handle. She’s a typical primitive type dog: very alert, sometimes nervous and needs a lot of exercise – for both body and brain!
But she do is well educated. She likes to be on the training ground and passed BgH A (a mixture of good citizen dog test and obedience trial for beginners) with 90/100 points and “very good” – heelwork is not her thing, so we missed 10 points ;-)
We also had a bout at Agility and Dog Dance and I want to work more in this parts when we have more time beside puppies and shows ;-) But training is not as easy like with another dog. It’s only possible with positive reinforcement Pressure is the very wrong way!
Even when she’s my best trained dog and I can control her in most situations, I can’t when she wants to hunt! So she need to be leashed in the woods.

Of course she’s a Beauty Queen! Her first qualities are her beautiful head and her very symmetric Arrow-Crown-Ridge. She has a quite long coat, what I do prefer in the breed, because it looks healthier and very shiny. She made it to Slovenian Junior Champion and 2nd place Best of Group before she was 1 year old. And also 2006 was a great show season: She finished the Champion of Bosnia-Herzegovina and nearly finished 3 other titles (A, SLO, HR) and she also got some winner titles and main ring placements. Great finish was the winning of the title Austrian Show Winner ’06 as best Thai Ridgeback, but also with 1st place in FCI group 5!