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24th November 2008

  • I work hard on a complete update of this website! Please visit us again soon!

27th April 2008

  • Last weekend Sunee & Ylvie were shown at the Double-CACIB show in Celje (SLO). Both of them got exc. 1, CAC, CACIB & BOB twice:
    • >Sunee now has finnished her Slovenian Champion title.
    • >Ylvie won 3rd place Best of Group on Saturday :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • On 20.04. also >Apinya was shown at the CACIB Jyväskylä (FIN) and got exc. 1, Junior Winner und Best Female :-) Congrats to Eeva and Apinya!

26th March 2008

25th February 2008

  • On 24.02. swe started in the show session 2008 at the CAC Celje (SLO) & special Show for FCI group V:
    • >Anantachai got exc. 1, Junior Winner & BOB twice and also is new Slovenian Club Junior Winner.
    • >O-Ren also got exc. 1 and Junior Winner two times and is Slovenian Club Winner too.


24th December 2007

  • We wish all visitors merry Chrismas and a happy new year 2008
  • Weihnachten
  • Our next TRD litter is planed for spring 2008: In her next heat Sunee is going to be mated again >Litters
  • The showing season 2007 has come to an end. Nevertheless we only entered 13 shows, my dog gained following great titles
    • Vize-European Winner
    • National Junior Champion Title
    • 5 Nationale Champion Titles
    • Bundessieger
    • 4 mainring placements (2x 1st place)

23rd October 2007

  • On 20th Oct. >Sunee got exc. 1, CAC and BOB at the CAC Split (HR). In mainring she won 3rd place Best of Group and with this CAC she also finnished Croatian Champion title :-)
  • >Anantachai got very promising.
  • On 21st Oct. a CACIB Show took place in Split too, where >Ylvie got exc. 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB.
  • >O-Ren got very promising and was awared 3rd place Best Puppy in Show!

8th October 2007

  • Some show news added:
  • >Anantachai got very promising twice at the Double-CACIB Arad (Romania)!
  • >Sunee: got two times exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOB in Arad and so she's new Champion of Romania!
  • >Ylvie also finnished Romanian Champion with 2x exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BOB and on Sunday she made it to the finales for Best of Group (3-5 place). This means a great success for her breed and I'm very proud of my baby :-)).
  • >Ylvie also was shown at the Bundessieger Tulln (A) on 29th Sep., where she got exc.1, CAC, CACIB and Austrian Winner '07 (Bundessieger). BOB went to Hungary to Ylvie's very nice cousin Eriksro Prima Rufio.

17th September 2007

  • We just came back from a very successful show weekend in Bosnia:
  • >Anantachai won Best Baby in Show and Res.Best Baby in Show the next day!
  • >O-Ren won Best Puppy in Show on 15th Sep.
  • >Ylvie got CAC twice and finnished the Bosnian Champion title :-)
  • >Sunee was only entered on 16th Sep. and got exc. 1, CAC, BOB.

7th August 2007

  • We had a great weekend in Buttlar at TRD Funday! Some photos are coming soon.
  • This was great possibility to bring Areeya and Amasindra to their new homes too.
  • So now only Abhasra is still searching for a new home!

1st August 2007

  • Anchali moved to her new home

25th July 2007

  • On 21st July we were at the CACIB Show in Oberwart. Under judge Erwin Deutscher (A), >Sunee won exc. 1, CAC & Res. CACIB on her 1st show after baby break. So she finnished Austrian Champion title. CACIB, BOB & Res.BOG went to Dawanah Thai Ol-A-Mi Moravia from Slovakia
  • On the same show >Ylvie won exc. 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB :-)

15th June 2007

  • As the puppies are quite a lot work I missed working on my website :-( But now there are many news:
  • >Puppies:
    • The puppies passed theire DS surgery very well! Now they have completly recovered! Many thanks to Dr. Vogelsinger and the whole team of pet clinic Traiskirchen for the great work and also to my best friend Nicole for helping!
    • Many new pictures of the pups in the >diary.
    • Abhasra, Amasindra, Anchali and Areeya are still available.
  • Shows:
    • On 3rd June Akemi and Ylvie visited the CAC Show Hrusica (SLO). Akemi won exc.1, Best Veteran and BOB. Ylvie got exc.1, Junior Winner and BOB and no finnished the Slovenian Junior Champion title :-) Many thanks to Nicole Pichler for handling them as I needed to stay at home with the Thais!
    • On European Dog Show in Zagreb (HR) Ylvie won her class and became Res. European Winner (Res.CACIB) behind a female from Finland :-)

04th April 2007

  • The pups have got theire names now :-) Introducing Anantachai, Amasindra, Apinya, Anchali, Abhasra, Areeya and Apasiri >Puppies

22th March 2007

  • The litter diary is online now. At the moment only with pictures and only German version. English version is coming soon >Puppies

25th March 2007

  • First Info about the babies are online now >Puppies. Pictures and puppy diary are following as soon as possible!
  • Our Thai Ridgeback >A-litter was born yesterday! Sunee gave birth to 1/6 puppies on 24th March 2007 :-)) Pics & Infos coming soon!

22nd March 2007

  • "Magic", sire of Sunee's Babies, got exc.1, CAC & BOB at the CAC show in Nitra (SK) and won 2nd place BOG. And he also finnished his Slovakian Champion Title. Many congrats :-) >A-litter

23rd February 2007

  • We expect puppies in March!!! After ultrasonic I can proudly announce that Sunee is pregnant :-) All information you can find here >A-litter

06th February 2007

  • >Sunee ist Austrian Show Winner 2006 and won 1st place in FCI group V :-))

28th Janury 2007

  • >Sunee is free from eye diseases!!! She was tested on 23.01. at the University in Vienna.

15th January 2007

  • Ylvie was shown at the Double CACIB show in Ljubljana (SLO). There were also 2 very nice and typical dogs from Norway entered, but unfortunally we couldn't compet with them. On Saturday Ylvie got only exc. without titles because of her young age, the male in open class got only v.g. (because of his paw position, which is typical for the breed!) and so the female in intermed. class got BOB. On Sunday Ylvie got exc. 1 and Junior Winner, but not BOB, because her coat wasn't 100% show quality. She had some small injurences from playing with the other dogs and so on, as she isn't only a show dog, but mostly a family dog, which is playing with the other dogs, running in the woods and so on. Both dogs from Norway got only v.g. Of course I don't want to say something against a judge's opinion, but it's a pitty that the people couldn't see any Lundehund in the main ring, nevertheless there where 3 very high quality dogs entered.

23rd Dezember 2006

  • We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2007!!!
  • Weihnachten

11th Dezember 2006

  • This weekend on 10th Dec. we finnished the showing season 2006 at the CAC Celje - 10th Winter Winner. I got the best birthday present from my dogs with their great results :-) And also it's time to look back on the last year:
  • Sunee got exc.1, CAC & BOB and so she is Slovenian Club Winner and Winter Winner '06. In the mainring she also made it to the finals for BOG. She is getting more showy and prettier every day and is grown to a real lady! Now it's time for her to become a mum soon!
  • Ylvie got exc. 1, Junior Winner and BOB and now is Slovenian Junior Club Winner and also Winter Winner '06. These great results, together with the Austrian and the Croatian Junior Champion title and of course the World Junior Winner, she got before she's celebrating her 1st birthday on 17.12.!!! I can't stop thanking my breeder and friend Renata for letting me have this incredible dog!
  • Akemi got exc. 1, Best Veteran and Veteran Club Winner. BOB was awarded to the Veteran male, but nevertheless I'm so proud of my old girl! She still shows no age and still has a perfect movement! For the both of us showing is a great fun and we will go on. Akemi is still the best :-))
  • Plans for 2007:
    • Of course we will go to a lot f shows again! Our show schedule is still under construction.
    • >Thai Ridgeback A-litter: is planed for spring 2007 with Ch. Sunee.
    • 1st >Lundehund litter in Austria is planed for winter 2007 with Ylvie.

3rd Dezember 2006

  • At the IHA Wels (A) on 2nd Dez. Sunee got exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB.
  • Ylvie got exc. 1, Junior Winner and BOB at the same show and now has also finnished the Austrian Junior Champion :-))

27th November 2006

  • Ylvie got exc. 1, Junior Winner and BOB twice at the show weekend in Zagreb (HR) on 25th and 26th Nov. So she finnished the Croation Junior Champion title in only one month :-)

14th November 2006

  • At the World Winner Dog Show in Poznan (PL) Ylvie got exc. 1 and Junior Winner with 3 females in Junior class, so she's now new Junior World Winner!!! She also won Junior BOB.

23rd October 2006

  • Sunee got exc. 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB at the CACIB Show in Split (HR). So only one CAC is missing for the Croatian Champion title :-)
  • Ylvie also got exc. 1, CAJC and BOB.

2nd October 2006

  • Sunee got exc. 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB at the Austrian Winner Show in Tulln on 30.09. So she's Austrian Winner (Bundessieger) '06
  • At the same show Ylvie was 1st shown in Youth class and won exc. 1, CAJC and BOB and is Austrian Youth Winner (Bundesjugendsiegerin)
  • Akemi got exc. 1 and Best Veteran.
  • On the next day a CAC show for ÖKV breeds took place in Tulln and it wasn't Sunee's day. So she only got g.
  • So it was absolutly great that Ylvie was awarded exc.1, CAJC and BOB by the same very correct judge!

27th September 2006

  • I decided to breed Sunee later. In Spring 2007. Read more about it >here

24th September 2006

  • We've moved to a new home ! Since 01.09. we live in a small farm house in the country side. You can find our new adress at >Contakt
  • Ylvie got very promising at the CAC Show in Gradiska (BIH) on 15th Sep.
  • Akemi got there exc. 1, Beste Veteran and BOB und won 2nd place Best Veteran in Show!
  • Sunee got exc. 1, CAC and BOB twice on the CAC and the CACIB show Gradiska on 15th and 16th Sep. and finnished the Champion title in Bosnia-Herzegovina!

27th August 2006

  • >Sunee got exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB at the international show in Innsbruck (A) and together with her results from Graz she got the Austrian Double Champ too.
  • >Ylvie got "very promising" at the same show.

23rd July 2006

  • >Sunee got exc.1, CAC, CACIB and BOB at the international show in Oberwart (A) and won 5th place Best of Group :-))
  • >Ylvie got "very promising" at the same show and made it to the finals for Best Puppy of Day.
  • I also showed my friend's Posavian Hound Don "Miro" and he also got exc. 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB

13th June 2006

  • Pictures and Infos about >Sunee's family
  • We are proud to have a new European Winner in Sunee's family: her half brother Jai Dee Julius Brown became Euro Winner '06 in Hellsinki >Sunee's family

11th June 2006

  • >Sunee has passed the BgH A (Good Citizen Dog-Test) with "very good" and 90 points!

4th June 2006

2nd June 2006

  • Most things added, only the long texts, like "about me" or the breed describtions are still not ready.

1st June 2006

  • We have a new Homepage :-) The English version is still under construction, so some parts still don't work. I'll work on it soon, so please visit us again the next days!
  • Sunee got exc.1, CAC and BOB at the CAC Show Hrusica in Slowenien on 28th May.
  • Ylvie got very promising at the same show and a very good description from the Norwegian judge E. M. Klepp.
  • Akemi also was shown at this show, got exc. 1 and Best Veteran and won 2nd place Best Veteran in Show!