Amon Sul  
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Anuka Lunde von Amon Sul

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Owner: Marie-Christine Felbermaier, Pinkafeld, Austria, Kennel Firehillborder
Sire: WW '09 Ch. Avoin Paras Primus "Tuki" (Finland)
Dam: JWW '06 Ch. Astrid Lonewolf "Ylvie" (Czech Republic)
Born on : 16.03.2009
Studbook No: ÖHZB LUN 6
Time of birth : 01:03 Uhr
Wheight at birth: ca. 160g
Colour: sable
Inbreeding: 0,0% (5 Generations) / 8,13% (10 Generations)

  • Best Puppy of Breed World Dog Show '09
  • 6 Shows: 4x vp, 2x exc., 2x CAJC, 2x BOB

  • puppy class

Brief von Anuka
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