Amon Sul  
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  • Alina Geishofer
  • Neudorf a.d. Mur 15
  • 8424 Gabersdorf
  • Austria
  • Email:
  • Tel.: +43 (0)3452 / 72657
  • Mobile: +43 (0)664 4515885
  • I speak German and English.
  • Any other language: better sent an Email :-)

We life in the South/East of Austria about 40 km away from Graz, 7 km from Leibnitz and about 10 km from the Slovenian border (Spielfeld).

If you're interested in a pup out of my kennel, it would be very nice, if you wright some sentences about you, what you accpect from your future dog and things like that.

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Alina Geishofer

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