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22nd November 2009

  • Today >Sunee's becomes 5 years old: Happy Birthday!!!
  • On Friday we have been at the 1st Nordic Club Speciality Show in Zagreb:
    • >Kamanchi got vp1, Best Puppy & a great critique from judge G. Bodegard.
    • >Ylvie also got a very great critique and the judge L. Mach liked her a lot! She won exc. 1, CAC, Clubwinner and BOB and also finnished her Croatian Champion title!!!
    • The show was very well organized, even when the judges arrive 1,5 hours too late... but well, it's not easy to reach the show ground on a Friday evening in a big city, as I had to learn from experiences during some break downs ;-) But the ring helpers where so friendly and helpful, I've hardly ever seen at a show! We're looking forward to come back next year!

16th November 2009

  • Some videos added:
    • >Akita: Hachiko Trailer, Hachiko Cartoon, Dogs 101 (breed info)
    • >Thai: Dogs 101 (breed info)
    • >Xolo: Dogs 101 (breed info), Xoloitzcuintle o perro pelón mexicano, 2 music videos

14th November 2009

  • >Akemi celebrated her 13th birthday on 4th November. I'm happy and proud that she's still in such a good condition and hope for much more time toghether with her. To honor her, I made a little film (inspired by the trailer of the new Hachiko film):

  • >Anuka (only baby from our Lundehund A-litter) has her own site now.
  • Many new pictures:
  • Show-News:
    • >Andorra got exc.1, CAC and CACIB at the Bundessieger Tulln and now is Bundessiegerin '09 (Austrian Winner)! BOB was awarded to the German male Frendor's Extreme Xoloboy.
    • At the same show >Anuka got vp, Best Puppy.
    • >Kamanchi "failed totally" at the World Dog Show and only got promissing in Puppy class. Unfortunatly I have no idea why, cause his critiques are pretty good, beside that the lack of teeth (wich is typical for the breed) is mentioned: "Nice head, good neck & front & hind angl., corr. ear placement, missing teeth" ...hmmm...???
    • Lundehunds did great! >Ylvie got exc.2, Res.CAC, but all titles stay within the family: Tuki (sire of our A-litter) is now Worldwinner, BOB was awarded to Ylvie's very nice half-sister Bjaluu Lonewolf and Junior World Winner ist C'Cheveyo Lonewolf (Ylvie's half-brother & also son from Tuki). Ylvie, Bjaluu & C'Cheveyo also started in breeder's group in the afternoon, which was a nice opportunity to promote the breed and also was great fun :-)
    • But the best was >Anuka! She got vp, Best Puppy and the judge was very pleased by her. Also she has such a nice temper and is so showy for her young age. You did a great job Marie-Christine and Anuka!
    • All Results from World Winner Show you can find >here
  • Breeding plans for 2010:
    • Xolo: Kamanchi X Andorra
    • Thai Ridgeback: ??? X Sunee (more infomation coming soon)
    • Lundehund: ??? X Ylvie (as our only puppy from A-litter is so nice, I guess I will use Tuki again, but it's not sure yet. More information coming soon)

20th September 2009

  • We have a new family member: >Kamanchi a Xoloitzcuintle male from Mexico joined our pack!!!
  • We now have a >Twitter Account! Follow us to be informed about any news at Amon Sul Kennel much faster than trough this website ;-)

24th April 2009

23rd April 2009

21th March 2009

Puppy diary

20th March 2009

  • On 16th March, our first Lundehund litter was born. It's only a small one ;-) Ylvie gave birth to one girl at 1.00 am. Mother and daughter are doing well!

12th March 2009

26th February 2009

16th February 2009






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